UPDATE : December 31, 2012
By the notion of the scientists' council :
1 - The duration of our international experiment was extended from 72 hours to 30 days.
2 – It was resolved to carry out all experiments in laboratory environment, where magnetic fields will be 100% insulated.
3 –Thus, the reliability of the results of the experiment will be enhanced.
4 – It is predicted that the possible detrimental effects of magnetic fields on human health will be avoided by this means.
5 – Up-to-date information and results will be shared with the public through official channels.
For your information.
Dear Sirs,
We cannot accept investors for making meetings till the end of the tests.
Mr. YILDIZ is working on the motors and he cannot find the time to meet the people in this period.
We will be able to make the related announcements after the tests.
Thanks a lot for your interest and attention.
We kindly ask from you to stay tuned.
We will be available to respond your e-mails, messages and phone calls.
Best regards,
( The beginning... )

No fuel

Made up of neodymium magnets

No pollution, emission, waste

No limits of power, torque, rpm

No limits of space

On the ground, in the air, underwater or in no-gravity space

No limits of usage

Any land vehicle, flying, amphibious or underwater vehicles
Residential and commercial buildings
Production facilities of any size
Streets, highways
Farms, agricultural vehicles
Defence industry
Health industry
… and so on

No limits of size

From nano to giant devices

No maintenance

Lifetime guarantee

The constant rotational power which is produced by the device can be used by connecting to any external mechanical system such as a shaft, propeller, wheel, gear box, alternator etc.
The device is compatible to work with any mechanism or system.
All systems run on an energy source can use this device.